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[Air] EDragLoon 2

No permission to download
EdragLoon (TH11, TH12)
Updated on 28/02/2019

By Qandeel

Use :
7 Edrag and rest loon 5 Rage, 1 Freeze cc: Balloon and Rage ( wall wrecker or blimp)

Two scripts are there wall wreckers version and battle blimp version.
the idea of the attack to push over 6000 and more.
Description of the attack:
Wall wreckers version:
eagle side attack with one line of edrag followed by loons full rage, freeze on town hall and warden ability when wrecker damage.
Condition here: keep warden ability at 40 seconds.

Battle Blimps Version:
Town Hall side attack the rest is the same idea of wall wrecker attack.
Advisable warden ability here: 30 seconds

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