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[Air] BabyLavaLoon [TH 9-13] 8.2

No permission to download
  • Improved drop Clone Spell timing. Bot is delaying when drop troops or spells and detecting buildings. It is not my script issue.
  • Fixed drop in redlines points ;
  • İmproved drop spells indexes.
  • Automatic selecting of "ImgLoc Raw Redline(Default)" - "Drop Line First Redline Point" fixed ;
  • Fixed drop Freeze spells points.
  • Town Hall 9 spells capasities mistace corrected.
  • Csv script design fully supported TH 13 ;
  • Added Champion and Siege Barracks drop commands ;
  • Drop spells coordinates and timing improved ;
  • Added +4 balloons and +2 Lava Hounds drop commands for fix sometimes get in redline deployment points.
  • Script work on "ImgLoc Raw Redline(Default)" - "Drop Line First Redline Point"
  • Improved delay of Warden Ability ;
  • Improved drop of Clone Spell position ;
  • Improved attack get to 2+ Stars ;
  • Some Wait commands removed for fix delay.
TH 9 Spells capasite corrected.