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Fenix CSV States Tool v1.1

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This tool i made for myself when i was making My Own CSV i want to compare the versions that i am improving along with CSV changes or making it worse. For first it was console base i shared with @Dr.Toy and then @qandeel.moh.
Both loved it thought i will make GUI and Share with you Guys from next Fenix Version it will be added officially with setup.

Make Sure U copy this FenixCSVStates.exe file in your bot root folder.Just enter your CSV name u want to see the log and hit Show States


  • This will not work with Lite.
  • Defense Stats are log based and the data can be inaccurate e.g if you are playing manually or have “Drop Trophy Option” active or Defense won/lost cup was 0 etc.
PS: Guys Please comment Your CSV States On CSV post to help CSV designer.
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  1. v1.1

    Defense States Facility To Resize States Formating and text improved suggested by @Dr.Toy

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