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[Air] Mass Drag [TH12-TH14] v2.0

No permission to download
Author: Dark Witch v2.0 [10.13.2021]
Inspired by Sir Moose & Z E C K
[TH 12-14]
Train: 15 Dragons, 4 Rage, 3 Freeze, in CC: Battle Blimp, 3 Lightning and Balloons

Script work on "ImgLoc Raw Redline(Default)" - "Drop Line First Redline Point"

Script will zap one air defense and create a funnel on both edges, mass drag deployment on the middle and Battle Blimp will explode and rage balloons for an easy 2-3 star attack on any base.

CSV script inspired by Z E C K.

Attack inspired by Sir Moose.

Let me know how it works for everyone.
First release
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