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MultibotRun Fenix Version

[Fenix] MultibotRun Fenix Version v3.2.10

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Clash of Clans v13.576.7

  • Added Random Sleep After at CSV BuilderBase
  • Added Telegram new cmd to control war preparation, suggested by @qandeel.moh
  • Fixed Reset the daily attack limit when is a new day, reported by @Venux771
  • Fixed Infinity loop at Walls upgrade if some building was detected as a wall, reported @qandeel.moh
  • Fixed Push notification with loot image when you forgot to select takes a Screenshot at return to home
  • Fixed the Army Cap for TH13, Autumn 2020 Update
  • Fixed Giants, Wizards and Pekka levels and values, Autumn 2020 Update
  • Fixed CSV applying troops with TH13 and new camps capacities, Autumn 2020 Update
Clash of Clans v13.369.18

  • Fixed the discord not working from our final au3 files.
  • Improved Discord notify embed field messages.
Clash of Clans v13.369.18

  • Added Notification using Discord webhooks.
  • Added Unplaced Buildings detection.
  • Added Push notification in case of unplaced Buildings.
  • Fixed War preparation and Super Archer Troop
  • Fixed Attack scheduler and switch accounts.
  • Fixed boost Super troops, reported by @qandeel.moh
  • Fixed The select first slot at BB to drop trophies, reported by @rj_legend
  • Fixed the remain train archers when you are using Super Archers, reported by @qandeel.moh
  • Improved the chat OCR, letter l when is before the o
  • Improved Smart Zap, will force Zap when the remain battle time is 45s.
  • Improved code inside the libraries.
remember is necessary to make that exe as an exception at any antivirus and windows defender.
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Clash of Clans v13.369.18

  • Added New Option at Clan Games, Purge Any Event.
  • Added Super Archers troop.
  • Fixed Force BB army Status if one camp is empty! reported by @paradoxum
  • Fixed New OCR position for new maintenance window, reported by @qandeel.moh
  • Fixed the dll & "Please Update your BOT"
  • Improved close Clan Games Window, reported by @qandeel.moh
  • Improved logs at fill camps in Builder Base
  • Improved Latin OCR, the l letter
Clash of Clans v13.369.18

  • Fixed Composition army number and switch accounts, reported by @qandeel.moh and @Randall Forte22
  • Fixed OCR problem when is to purge clan games 60min events, reported by @qandeel.moh
  • Fixed Trash button when is to purge clan games 60min events, reported by @qandeel.moh
  • Improved Chat letters I, C, E and i, reported by @Shady
Clash of Clans v13.369.18

  • Added Purging 60min events at clan games group, suggested by @DrToy
  • Added Attack schedule check for all accounts when switching, suggested by @qandeel.moh
  • Fixed the Miner train template, reported by @MikePham
  • Fixed log typos, reported by @silverjax
  • Fixed Icon donation request with Freeze spell, reported by @Shady
  • Fixed the error when pulling up war window for humanization due to screen Results, reported by @Basshead
  • Fixed Attack schedule compatible with switch account, reported by @qandeel.moh
  • Fixed Friendly challenge old coordinates, Summer Update, reported by @Shady
  • Improved Siege Selection at attack bar, possible issues at troops quantities, reported by @qandeel.moh
  • Improved Train system with Event Special troops
Clash of Clans v13.369.9

  • Added the missed Head Hunter template at Laboratory
  • Added the missed Head Hunter template at chat request icons, reported by @Shady
  • Added the missed Head Hunter to combo box list at Laboratory, reported by @paradoxum
Clash of Clans v13.369.9

  • Added Nox to compatible list
  • Fixed array dimension troops error, crashing the bot at attack, reported by @Penny
  • Fixed Inferno Dragon house space at train, reported by @Marv
  • Improved Small delay between zap each collector & Mines to be more human like
  • Improved Emulator information, reduced the amount of supported versions
  • Improved the Haste Spell and Lightning Spell request icons detection, reported by @Shady
Clash of Clans v13.369.9

  • Added Super Witch and Inferno Dragon
  • Added War Preparation with all troops, Summer Update
  • Added Smart Zap with Collector and Mines option
  • Added Loot Cart and Collect Resources splitted.
  • Fixed Applying correct request text in random CSV, reported by @Randall Forte22
  • Fixed Random Troop Combo from Smart Farm and CSV attack when is only check Active Base, reported by @paradoxum
  • Fixed Clan Gifts Collect, reported by @Shady, Summer Update
  • Fixed the Maintenance break time window, the clock position changed, reported by @elzager
  • Fixed bot crash when was checking boosted troops, reported by @Shady
  • Fixed Inferno Dragon troop position, is not a dark troop, is necessary make new profiles
  • Fixed Switch Accounts with SC_ID to max of 4 accounts.
  • Improved dead bases detection with Collectors level 14
Please Make a new Profiles, existing a new troop, troop order and id changed.
Clash of Clans v13.369.9



  • Fixed reset train order and Head Hunter position
  • Fixed "Waiting for replay end..." infinity loop, reported by @Zarach
  • Improved the Donation icons on Chat, wizards and freeze, reported by @Shady
  • Improved the WW detection at donation window, reported by @Shady , was detected as Siege Blimp.
  • Improved the Rage Spell detection at donation window, as detectable even when was queued
Clash of Clans v13.369.4 [Summer Update]


  • Fixed SmartFarm UI, "Use Random Troops", reported by @Basshead
  • Fixed bot error/crash when applied DropOrder, reported by @LeXo
  • Fixed Upgrade icon detection, hammer was detected at Cancel&Heal, reported by @Randall Forte22
  • Fixed the check coordinate for Boosted troops and Countdown days, reported by @Basshead
  • Fixed Super troops slots position, Summer Update
Clash of Clans v13.369.4

  • Added special debug image for developing at attack, folder 'CheckZoomOutScoutVillage'
  • Added Head Hunter at Donation, Summer Update
  • Added Head Hunter at Donation Stats, Summer Update
  • Fixed war preparation for Head Hunter, Summer Update
  • Fixed Lightning Spell image with better tolerance, detected instead of the Freeze, reported by @Venux771
  • Fixed Lightning Spell donation image, Summer Update
  • Improved the Zoomout images at ClashyConstructs Theme
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Clash of Clans v13.369.4

  • Added Head Hunter new dark troop, Summer Update
  • 'Hunt' cmd to use at CSV
  • Added 'Clashy Constructs' Theme Village Zoomout compatibility
  • Fixed Lighting spell Costs & Space, Summer Update
  • Fixed Lighting Spell images, train, queued and attack bar, Summer Update
  • Fixed SmartZap damage with Lighting spells updated, Summer Update
  • Fixed Clone Spell Levels & Costs updated, Summer Update
  • Fixed King & Queen Levels and Costs, Summer Update
  • Fixed Troops & Sieges levels and Costs, Summer Update
  • Fixed BB Clean Yard goes to Main village, boat deck is detectable as an obstacle.
  • Fixed New 'Welcome Back Chief' Message obstacle, Summer 2020 Update
  • Fixed Replay green buttons when are not present, reported by @paradoxum @RuiF
  • Improved ZoomOut Check at village researched in the attack
Please Make a new Profiles, existing a new troop, troop order and id changed.
Clash of Clans v13.180.16

  • Added new detectable buildings at BB attack, Air Bombs, Lava launcher and Roaster, suggested by @Dark Witch
  • Fixed the Battle Machine upgrade OCR values, reported by @Randall Forte22
  • Improved Donation Button detection with image detection.
Attention at any Builder Base Custom & Personal script, is necessary a few changes :

  • Added new image daily discount window for SuperCell Special
  • Fixed dll error
  • Improved launch game when crashed, reported by @Snorlax
  • Improved Special characters at iptables
Clash of Clans v13.180.16

  • Added missed Sneak Goblin image at Donation Window
  • Added Suspend/resume Android at Smart Farm & Builder Base
  • Fixed the TrainStop/IsToTrain and Switch account, reported by @Steuer
  • Fixed Deploy order for CC and & Heroes at smart farm
  • Fixed Apply new deploy order and the new boosted troops, just cosmetics
  • Improved Smart Farm deploy speed at Tank troops and Heroes, more human like.
  • Improved notify/telegram and walls, better phrases, suggested by @LeXo
  • Improved delay deploy Heroes, tank troops at smart farm
  • Improved Delays at SC_ID windows/Classic Clicks, some fails reported by @RuiF
Reactions: arnalbays
Clash of Clans v13.180.16

  • Added SmartWait compatible with Switch accounts when enabled SmartSwitch
  • Added Random Side Deploy Order at Smart Farm
  • Fixed Daily random scheduler screwed up all existing schedules even not selected, reported by @Venux771
  • Fixed Profiles values, when doesn't exist Builder island, reported by @silverjax
  • Fixed Switch account feature when gives 'stay in this village' and go on the attack without checking the troops, reported by @silverjax
  • Fixed visit random clan-mate coordinates, reported by @RuiF
  • Fixed Possible COM error under Windows Server 2012R2 and 2012
  • Improved Bomber image at attack bar, report by @Darl Witch
  • Improved TH offset for TH12
  • Improved TH11, 12 and 13 detection
  • Improved Builder Base obstacles detection.
  • Improved the new Maintenance window detection and 'soon'/Reload button
  • Removed Forced debug new OCR, Fenix was released with, my mistake.
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Clash of Clans v13.180.16

  • Added OCR for battle ends in! Smart Zap even with troops on the ground.
  • Added Daily random scheduler by @Boju
  • Added Boosted Troops at War Preparation, SC Spring update
  • Fixed replay defenses & attacks, humanize feature, SC Spring Update, reported by @RuiF
  • Fixed Spells levels at attack bar
  • Fixed the TH detection at attack bar giving a TH12, reported by @ZECK
  • Fixed the Warden detection at attack bar, some times messed with JSpell detection, reported by @ZECK
  • Fixed Extended attack bar and correct Spells number and levels.
  • Fixed Yeti detection on queued, reported by @Shady
  • Fixed Conditional Search and TH match, when are above TH11, reported by @ZECK
  • Fixed TH Detection with distance from redline, giving if is out or in.
  • Improved the dark troop zone detection, when exist the minions or hogs with special price, green bar, reported by @Shady
  • Improved Drill lv 2, lv 3 and Lv 4 images
  • Improved Green tiles check duplicated points in a distance of 15 pixels.
  • Improved Click'and'drag and adb script.
Clash of Clans v13.180.16

  • Added Repeat last upgraded troop at BB, suggested by @bMitch
  • Added BB attack Option, back to back until the daily loot it's fully collected.
  • Added BB option, when a builder is available, to scan the whole base and remove all obstacles same loop.
  • Added Random CSV attacks, by @Boju
  • Added new method for donation requests at chat! just Latin Extra. 10x faster reading phrases.
  • Fixed the BB bypass limits when you reach the Clan Games limits or when you are Cool Downtime, reported by @silverjax
  • Fixed Check "Training an army before attacking!" phrase and force check Camps, a new camp at auto upgrades , reported by @paradoxum
  • Fixed COM Error intercepted, from getOwner method, reported by @Shady
  • Improved Halt when is available builder(s), lets check possible upgrades before Switch Accounts, suggested by @paradoxum
  • Improved BB laboratory Lv1 detection, reported by @paradoxum
  • Improved Farm Version can request troops, suggested by @Dark Witch
  • Improved Click'n'Drag on VPS delays at Train troops, reported by @bezardo
  • Improved Collect Season Rewards and final click'n'drag, reported by @RF
  • Added Smart-farm and Rage & Heal Spells to help enter inside the opponent village
  • Added Smart-farm new Redline and green tiles detection
  • Added Donation by troop chat icons
  • Added Clan Games new feature,BB challenges will pass through the rule 'stop at 3 wins', suggested by @paradoxum
  • Fixed Custom Donate combox troop list, reported by @Shady
  • Fixed Bot crash with a variable not declared on Maintenance Servers reported by @Randall Forte22
  • Improved Latin OCR, letter F, L, i , reported by @ZECK
  • Improved Click function, will check for isSimilar
  • Improved Spells deployment at Smart-farm
  • Improved BB logic improvements, Clean Yard BB before walls & Suggested & troops upgrade, suggested @Randall Forte22
  • Improved Random troop quantities by side in Smart-farm reported by @paradoxum
Please set your Game Setting, screen shakes to off: