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The One [Any Ground Attack Compation Supporting]

[Ground] The One [Any Ground Attack Compation Supporting] 1.6

No permission to download
  • Added Valkyrie Drop Commands ;
  • Improved Drop Amount of Witches.
  • Added Sneaky Goblin and Super - Barbarian, Wall Breaker, Giant drop commands ;
  • Improved Drop Freeze Spell Timing ;
  • Fixed some low attack compations for drop troops without percents [ Same Vectors Points inside as 2 Fingers].
  • Fixed rounding For Golem, Ice Golem and Yeti troops.
  • İmproved deploy of Witchs drop points ;
  • Fixed Vector "I" points,
  • Fixed P vector's drop spells coordinate points.
  • Improved delay of Freeze Spell Timing ;
  • Improved of delay of drop spells Timing while deploy of Heroes ;
  • Improved Heal Spells coordinates for Hog and Miner troops compations ;
  • Improved calculating drop toops amount. There are rounding while troops percent amount>0.6.