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[Air] Undefeatable LavaLoonion [TH 9-13] 7.6

No permission to download
  • Fixed drop in redlines points ;
  • İmproved drop spells indexes.
  • Automatic selecting of "ImgLoc Raw Redline(Default)" - "Drop Line First Redline Point" fixed ;
  • Added Champion Train command.
  • Improved randomizing X,Y points for spells ;
  • Siege Barracks droping from middle for air attack ;
  • Script designed for fully support TH 13.
Reactions: nyet07
  • Added in script Champion and Siege Barracks drop commands ;
  • The Stone Slammer now droping with Lava Hounds for defence Balloons ;
  • WFTHD drop command time incrased +1 second ;
  • Fixed Apply Setting number in script for select "Drop Line First Redline Point" ;
  • 0 point gave for search Depo Dark Elexsir. BCS it took many times when searching.
Note: Siege Barrack like break corner objects. Then automatic clicking by bot while dropping balloons for deploy troops on same times. And the Champion hero like middle attack. For that it will attack from main side. King and Queen with back side.
  • Improved drop timening of troops&spells ;
  • Improved drop randomisezing of "X, Y" coordinates ;
  • Attack stabilied for work on TH 9-12.