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[Air] Farming Lovers Loonion TH13, TH12, TH11, TH10, TH9 3

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Farming Loonnion
NOTE |Farming Loonion by Qandeel Active Base
NOTE |Updated onn 12th, Oct 2020
NOTE |Version 3
NOTE |King, queen, champion timing at 999. and activate auto use hero ability KO in the game
NOTE |TH9-TH13 Use loons, minions, up to 4 rage, up to 5 haste, up to 2 freezes in total
NOTE | Use ImgLoc Raw Redline, Drop line first redline
NOTE |Warden auto

For free version:

First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 6 ratings

Latest updates

  1. link update

    just link update
  2. More human like attack

    It is more human like attack, Supporting 300 troops capacity Can use whatever numbers of...
  3. link updated

    only link updated

Latest reviews

need link update
nice udate boz
I have used this for quite some time now, trying to get the newest 2.2 version with th13 support but it is still only showing 2.1 in the download folder.
I love this script for farming , first with my TH10 and now with my TH11
Great script
Thank you